Speed limit inside the gate at Sportsmen’s Paradise is 15 MPH.

The Yamaha ATV’s at the home are made and registered for off road use only, on “trails designated for ATV’s only” such as the six miles of roads inside Sportsmen’s Paradise. One-half mile south of the home is the East Interior Gate known as Gem Mine Road (actually a trail). These ATV trails comb many miles of the Pike National Forest behind the home, be sure and lock the gate padlock behind you with the “dimple key” below. Trail Map for this area of the Pike National Forest on the link below.


Handheld Garmin 64 GPS 

Garmin GPS – Montana 650T 4″ Color Touch Screen mounted on Yamaha Grizzly (Removable)

South Park East George 

All Walkie Talkies or two way handheld radios list a maximum effective coverage area, E.G.: 22 miles. These range anywhere from 20 to 50 miles, but certain conditions must be met for you to reach these ranges. In actuality, your environment may shorten this range to a mile or less.

2012 Yamaha Grizzly 700 Quad EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) EPS (Electronic Power Steering) and detachable Garmin GPS & Maps
Current Registration, HIN/VIN #: 5Y4AM36Y5CA100737    B4384
Colorado Annual State Parks Pass, Good through 6/26/2017, Colorado Parks & Wildlife OHV Registration # CF6186

2007 Yamaha Grizzly Ducks Unlimited 700 Quad EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) EPS (Electronic Power Steering)
Current Registration, HIN/VIN # JY4AM09Y87C007092   E4788
Colorado Annual State Parks Pass, Good through 6/26/2017,  Colorado Parks & Wildlife OHV Registration # CF6186

Fuel5.3 gallons of Non-Ethanol Premium Gasoline in Container marked “Ethanol-free gas for Yamaha Grizzly” is available 19 miles from home at the 24 Hour Conoco 10 Meadow Park Dr, Divide, CO 80814 . These ATV’s will run on regular, premium, unleaded and 10% ethanol or E85 gasoline however Ethanol fuel boils at 174 degrees Fahrenheit; since it’s a bit un-nerving to have boiling fuel between your legs while riding, hence the Ethanol-free gas.

Helmets are in the Cabinet adjacent to the ATV’s.


  1. Switch the Red switch to the Right .
  2. Turn the key on… Leave the key in the ignition when you park it.
  3. Push the Green Button to Start.
  4. Turn Key to Left “Off” AND switch the Red Switch to the Left = Off.  Note: Make sure lights are off (Gray switch down) or battery will go dead.




2006 Carson Enclosed Tandem Trailer