Snow Melt Boiler

Mech_Room_Snowmelt_Switch  Mechanical_Room4

The Snowmelt Boiler and lines are filled with ethylene glycol (antifreeze – heat transfer agent) which is heated to 160 degrees Fahrenheit and circulated from the boiler into three manifolds controlled zones to heat the areas just above freezing.

Snowmelt Zones:

  • Driveway Incline, Front Porch and Garage Apron
  • West 2nd Floor Balcony
  • Spa Deck (Over Garage)

Snow Melt – Burnham Boiler Installed on 9?/2012 by:
Greg’s Plumbing & Heating
Greg Jensen
PO Box 6393
Woodland Park, CO 80866
(719) 238-7601

George Schwartz
Winnelson CO Springs
725 Geiger Ct Colorado Springs, CO 80915
(719) 573-5503 wk
(719) 492-2429 cell



Snow Melt Cable in Gutter System/Drains