Mechanical Room

Mechanical Room contains the following systems

The interior of the home is kept warm by a Triangle Tube radiant heat boiler which pumps 100 degree water through Pex tubing in the floors. There are seven Grundfos valves on the wall adjacent to the Triangle Tubes boiler that are switched on an off by the preset Nest Thermostats in the following locations.  This energy efficient system cycles to keep the living space at 70 degrees when occupied or “Home” and allows it to drop to 40 degrees when “Away“.

Radiant Heat Zone Control Valves
Zone TV & Laundry
Zone Rec/Game Room
Zone Master Bath
Zone Bath 2 downstairs off hallway
Zone Bedroom 2/Guest & Bath 1
Zone Master Bedroom
Zone Kitchen & Great/Living Room
Zone Garage is heated by a ceiling mounted Reznor propane gas heater controlled by Nest Thermostat

Triangle Tube Smart Series Indirect Fired Water Heater
This Smart Series Stainless Steel Indirect Fired Water Heater intelligently uses heat from the Triangle Tube boiler to heat water reliably while using less propane.

Well Pump Switch (Up is “On”)
Installed by:
Black Mountain Pump Service Inc
Mick Bates
218 Weaverville Road
Divide, CO 80814
(719) 687-7210


Water Pressure Tank


Greg’s Plumbing & Heating
Greg Jensen
PO Box 6393
Woodland Park, CO 80866
(719) 238-7601