Back-up Generator (20kW)

Eaton 20 kw Backup Generator
In case of a power outage the Backup Generator switches on automatically, the lights/power in the house will flicker off for a moment and then back on under the power of the generator until the power  from is restored by the local utilities company IREA – Intermountain Rural Electric.

EatonCare Representative
(877) 386-2273


The propane powered Eaton 20 kw Backup Generator cycles on automatically every Tuesday at 11 am for about 10 minutes.

Manual for the EGS Automatic Transfer Switch with RTC-50 Control

Download Switch Manual Pdf  File Name: Eaton_Gen_Switch_Manual_ib70-8681.pdf

Owners Manual for Eaton 20kw Air-cooled Standby Generator
File Name: Eaton_20kw_Gen_Manual_pct_500451.pdf

Installed by:

Timberline Electric
Russ Henry
PO Box 172
Divide, CO 80814-0172
(719) 641-4504


Elk Valley Electric
Colte Ross
PO Box 359 Woodland Park, CO 80866
(719) 748-3601