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There are 140± Acres of private Sportsmen Paradise fishing club property that surround on both sides a 1.6 mile± stretch of the South Platte River fed by Lake George and joined by Vermillion Creek and Crystal Creeks on the fishing club property. There is one small private pond, and then six other ponds on the fishing club property; Upper and Lower Crystal ponds, Vermillion, Workman’s, Kid’s Pond and Paradise pond which is the largest, located and located on the west of the Platte river. Each of these bodies of water contain good quantities of Brown trout, a few Brook Trout and Rainbow Trout stocks that are regularly replenished four times each year. 

Aerial view of the home at 940 East Platte Road located in the gated community of Sportsmen's Paradise in Lake George, CO. Photo taken from Etch A Sketch Rock across the South Platte River along the trail of the same name.
Aerial view of the home at 940 East Platte Road located in the gated community of Sportsmen’s Paradise in Lake George, CO. Photo taken from Etch A Sketch Rock across the South Platte River along the trail of the same name.

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Local Plants and Trees

On the property there are Aspens trees, Bristlecone & Lodgepole pines but the predominant conifer in the Sportsmen’s Paradise valley is the Ponderosa pine. According to the USDA, NRCS and USDA, during the tree’s 300 to 600 year lifespan it can grow to over 4 feet in diameter and  range from 40 to 160 foot tall .

According to the Colorado State Forestry Service, list of Major Tree Species these pines are considered resistant to fire as the crowns are open and bark is thick and insulating and high moisture level of the needles. CSFS recommend fire mitigation by creating defensible space around homes:

  • Reducing the density of standing trees within 100-200 feet of all structures.
  • Pruning branches below 10 feet.
  • Cut grasses to less than six inches around the home.
  • Locate propane tanks at least 30 feet from and uphill of structures.
  • Clear pine needles and leaves from gutters and decks, and trim overhanging branches.

Ponderosa pine cones are egg shaped 3 – 4 inches long, light red-brown in color, needles bundle in tufts of 3 at the end of branches.

In 2014 and again 2015 over 100 Quaking Aspen seedlings and a few saplings were planted across the river from the home. Only 39 survived the first winter and roughly half the second winter with the use of trickle irrigation bladders.

Planting Seedling trees visit the  CSFS Nursery webpage if you would like to know more about planting/buying low cost bare root seedlings.


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A special thanks to CUSP for all the great work they do, and have done for our community.The 1,662,580-acre (2,600 square mile) Upper South Platte Watershed is located in central Colorado, reaching from the Continental Divide to the Front Range. Elevation in the watershed varies from about 6,000 feet to over 14,000 feet above sea level.

The watershed is a critical water source. Drinking water for the majority of Colorado residents originates in the Upper South Platte Watershed or flows through it via transmountian diversions. Water supplies for the Denver Metro area, Aurora, and Centennial are all fed by the watershed. Over 1 million acres of public land, miles of gold medal fishing streams, 5 major reservoirs, and acres of habitat for rare and prized wildlife also make the watershed a recreational destination with countless opportunities to enjoy the splendor of nature in our backyard. CUSP works throughout the Upper South Platte Watershed to ensure the values in the watershed are protected for generations to come.”  Learn more about the impact and how you can SUPPORT CUSP.   2016 CUSP Strategic Plan


A Ponderosa Pine “triple” that was harvested from F21 lot and used to armor the bank of the South Platte River in the river during the 2014 river restoration.

Pete Gallagher and Tedd Stiles selected the perfect "Keystone" at the apex of the "V" by the entrance to Sportsmen's Paradise. Keystone_Mascot

Left: Pete Gallagher of Fin-Up Habitat Consultants, Inc. and Tedd Stiles, former Sportsmen’s Paradise Fish River & Pond’s Committee Member selected the perfect granite “Keystone” for the apex of the rock “V” in the first reach of the South Platte River. Just inside the main entrance at Sportsmen’s Paradise by the head-gate (at 4min 23 seconds into this River Restoration Video). For perspective on the actual size of the keystone, former neighbor Joe Blanford’s  Standard Bred Poodle stands 24″ at the withers.

A young Black Bear stops to smell the flowers on an afternoon stroll.